Looking for someone to share with?

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Sharing a nice dinner, easy conversation and someone who always pays on time…sounds like the perfect partner doesn’t it? Well it’s also the perfect potential flat mate as well!

If your property manager and landlord allow you to have a flatmate then you need to weed out the loud, broke, party throwers and instead choose someone who’s friendly, able to pay their share of rent and other bills and is also easy company.

Finding a potential and suitable flatmate is a bit like an interview: you need to ask the right questions and see if their answers are the ones that best suit your lifestyle – especially if you’re looking for a flatmate who you don’t already know.

Some questions worth asking are:

  • Do you have a regular income?
  • Are you a smoker? (If you are a passionate non-smoker then chances are you won’t want to live with a smoker or perhaps you can ask up front that smoking takes place outside).
  • What are your pastimes? (If they love loud music and play in a band while you prefer home to be a quiet retreat then maybe another flatmate might be better).
  • Are you a shift worker? (Some people prefer routine while others are happy to share with a shift worker knowing sometimes they may need to tiptoe around at home if the flatmate’s sleeping).
  • Do you have any ID? (It may sound a bit official but it’s better than being left with outstanding bills or stolen kitty money from someone whose name you didn’t even now).
  • Have you got a partner? If there’s another half likely to stay over on a regular basis then maybe it’s best to know up front or even meet the potential flatmate’s partner before making your decision.
  • Ask for work and personal references.

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